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10 Family Experiences to Gift this Holiday Season

When the holidays come around, it’s always the same conversation. Gifts? No gifts? What do I give to whom? Will they like it? When it comes to family, sometimes gifting something everyone can enjoy is complicated. Here are 10 ideas for all age groups families can gift each other and create a memorable experience.

1. DNA Tests

Even though it sounds somewhat uncanny that parents are gifting their children DNA tests, or vice versa, the results will be different! These tests trace your regional ancestry, mapping out where your genes have come from.

2. Spa Treatments Be it facials, massages, mud baths, or mani-pedis, #relaxationnation is a thing. It does not have to be the fanciest spa, but a no-stress day is something everyone can benefit from. At home or at a facility, a spa day is never a bad idea.

3. Family Games The key to games is to find something with a significant amount of interaction without that Monopoly-like rivalry. We all know how that story ends. Pictionary Man, Sequence, and Scrabble are classics that never go out of date.

4. A Trip

There’s no need to go across the globe! The bed and breakfast in the town next to yours, or an Airbnb in a city you’ve been willing to visit are great options! Be it a weekend getaway or a summer destination, practicing local tourism wherever you are can be so enriching! Visit a nearby vineyard, take a factory tour, discover something artisanal or natural! The goal is to enrich your experience as a family.

5. Trade Classes

Cooking, painting, pottery, woodwork, and so many more can be an option. Reach out to local shop or artisan and learn a craft! If your family’s inclined towards sports rather than arts, take a class together! Yoga, box, intensati, the options are endless!

6. Cameras

Before Instagram, there were some things called photos, print photos, that you had to go have developed and could hold them in your hands. One copy at a time. Lomography, Instax by Fujifilm, and Polaroid are some of the brands that have an analog, film-fed collection of cameras. Have fun with it! Go out, take a hike, and play with the equipment!

7. Books

It has become hard to find the time and attention that a book requires, but sharing it with others around you makes it more interesting! Sharing books is a great way to start conversation over dinner and bring into discussion situations that characters – as families – might face.

8. A Chalkboard Wall

DIY projects can be one of the most fun experiences families may share. If there are constant schedule changes and not enough note-making space around the fridge, a chalkboard wall is a great idea! You can buy chalkboard paint and paint a wall or space yourselves! Go by colored chalk! Make a fun process out of it!

9. Food Fortunes These are a great deal breaker. Whenever you don’t know what to cook or can’t decide what to go out and eat, they’re the best way to go. There are different suggested ways to play, but your family can create their own!

10. Tickets

Last holiday season, a friend and her concert-going family gifted themselves festival tickets. They say it is one of the best things they’ve done. Concerts, games, shows, museum memberships, movie passes, make an event out of what your family likes!

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