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Prof. Terence P. Moran has resided the Village for more than 50 years. As a Professor Emeritus at NYU, he has seen the effects of gentrification and Villagers' adaptation to these changes.

Oh, and casually met and friended neighboring artists and writers across the neighborhood! He sure has some great stories to tell!


Local neighbor Colin Huggins has been playing his piano for 11 years now at Washington Square Park.

His talent brings the community together as soon as his fingers dance over the keys. Listen for yourself - and if you see him play live, go under the piano if you can! It's a wonderful experience!


Antonio recently moved to the Village for work, though that does not limit new neighbor's experience in regards to  gentrification.


While getting to know the neighborhood, undertones of financial stress can be seen while having fun and brunching around. 

Guess we'll have to stick around to see how the Village endures in a couple of years.

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