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Hawaii has been a travel hotspot for decades. But how much longer can it run under business as usual? With overtourism disrupting everyday life, how can the Paradise of the Pacific continue to satisfy locals and visitors alike, while preserving its natural harmony?

This film is the final result of a year-long, one-person production under the NYU Journalism Honors documentary class.

After months of planning, scheduling, pre-interviewing, emails and calls, I spent three weeks in O'ahu, Hawaii. The film is a combination of sit-down interviews with local politicians and industry members, as well as a behind-the-scenes look into the tourism industry.

I filmed in Hawaii during January 2020 before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out across the United States. Editing and post-production were done from home throughout April and May after NYU closed their facilities for the school year in response to the pandemic. 

Thank you to Jason Samuels for the guidance and instruction, the NYU Multimedia team, and the people of Hawaii who care for this story as much as they care for their islands.

Here's to conscious travel and respectful interactions!

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